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The Arboretum Wooden Decorative Trees

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A firm favourite throughout the year! these little trees have become collectors items in many homes.

The trees are fun little home ornaments, kids playthings, desk toys or just tactile wooden objects. They don't have a specific purpose and that's ok. They are a celebration of the natural beauty of timber and an outlet of creativity. Each Tree is unique and beautiful in its own way and we're sure you will enjoy having them sprout up all over your home!

The trees are made using a woodturning lathe. This machine firmly holds a piece of wood and then spins it at fast speeds. A range of long-handled tools are used to carve and shape the wood into all sorts of cylindrical objects such as chair legs, bowls, door handles, and most importantly Trees.

Trees vary in size but are 12-14cm approximately.

** Please note the colour and grain will vary slightly due to the handmade nature of each piece. **

* Price is per tree, if the letter is not visable in the drop down menu then it has sold out *