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HERD 'Brighton Beach' zip top recycled plastic bag

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This unique design in a classic Lois O'Hara colour way reflects a life lived by the sea. 

The movement of the sea in her hometown of Brighton provides continuous inspiration for Lois, whose distinctive style is both joyous and relaxing.

Now with 100% recycled content | Strong & wipe-clean | Internal zip pocket | Double 100% cotton handles | Zip top for full closure.

Dimensions: h40cm x w60cm

HERD was started by Nancy Powell to create the perfect bag for all these people, and all these occasions.  It needed to be colourful, beautiful, functional and affordable - and above all, it needed to use recycled materials.

With a background in sustainability, and as Chief Herder to three kids, Nancy has sought like-minded designers, retailers, and customers to join HERD's mission:

To Create Recycled Bags for a Colourful Life.