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Alpine Strawberry Seeds

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Alpine Strawberry Seeds by Piccolo seeds

Alpine strawberries are hardy perennial plants that will flower and fruit from late spring until the first frosts. It’s also an early-fruiting variety – the first strawberries may develop as quickly as 3 months after sowing.

Piccolo was born in 2012 with the intention of offering select seeds for urban gardens offering vegetables and plants specially designed for pot growing: compact, dwarf varieties, suitable for terrace garden spaces.


250 seeds

Alpine Strawberry

Baron Von Solemacher

Height 15 cm 
Width 15 cm

Height 20 cm 
Width 30 cm


Indoor Apr-May 
Outdoor Apr-June

Germination 15-30 days 
Harvesting 90-120 days

When sowing 1-3 cm; Depth 0,2 cm 
When thinning 10-15 cm

Sunligth Partial shade 
Soil Well-drained, moist and fertile soil 
Watering Regular, heavy watering 
Feeding Light feeder

Expert tip Tiny strawberry seeds require a bit of patience, but don’t give up on them. Sow them on the surface and don’t cover them. Be sure not to let the soil dry out – not even for a few hours. For best results, keep the soil temperature at around 20°.

Pollinators Borage and thyme attract bees and butterflies, helping with strawberry pollination. Pests Grow companion plants that attracts ladybirds to prevent aphids attacks.

We use recycled packaging where possible, including bubble wrap and tissue paper. We want to reuse and recycle as much as possible and hope you understand and appreciate this. We do not include any paper work with orders - this is sent automatically via email upon purchase.